We had to present our secondary research and iterations in front of our faculty today-


  • Presentation: The background colour needed to be changed because the light colour was making it difficult to read the text
  • Problems are the main components to be included in the presenation
  • Identify the main challenge and make iterations based on that
  • Secondary research to back each iteration
  • Reasoning behind iterations
  • Hijab iteration– using the word ‘hijab’ could be misleading. Thus, it should be scarf wrapped around in a hijab style. Show examples of women wearing scarves in that style and check if there are scarves that already have hooks. Also, hooks could hurt the neck, so think of an alternative.
  • Wrap around skirt iteration-already exists
  • Scarf as a sweater– make more clear illustrations, the button could hurt the neck.
  • Attached scarf– Research on why there is a need for a scarf to be attached to the t-shirts and if there really is a need for it.

Reflection: The main learning from this class was that when a design solves a challenge and serves the purpose of functionality and aesthetics at the same time, that is when it becomes a design intervention. Therefore, we were asked to make our iterations after identifying the challenge.

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