TIME/11.02.2020/ WEEK 6

I did find a few videos related to growth of women on archive.org but I was not satisfied and I felt like I could come up with something better. After hearing the disturbing news about the death of one of my favourite basketball players, Kobe Bryant, I thought of making a video on his journey as a tribute to him so I asked sir if I could do that and I was told that I could go ahead if I found enough content on archive.org

I barely found anything related to basketball but I found videos related to the journey of soldiers in this process and it struck me that I could actually show the journey of a soldier through the flow of waves.

Sir said I could use 6 pictures out of 9 so I compiled the pictures of waves with the clips I found on archive.org and added audio that complimented the video. The video still needed to be edited since it was quite long but sir liked the video and my concept so I went ahead with it.

Soldiers of War

Reflection: Just searching through videos made me realise that putting time and effort into research and experimentation could ignite ideas and concepts. I did not have a concept, I was looking for videos related to journey and basketball and that lead me to the clips I will now be using. If I had not made an effort to search at all, I still would not have had any content.

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