Our first class of seminar commenced with a small discussion on what we had learnt in our last semester and what we learn from seminar classes. I shared that, seminar classes were about thinking and articulating our ideas and thoughts and giving it a form in studio classes thereafter.

We talked about thinking “out of the box” and were also made to understand that we have been taught to do so but it is really important to know what is “the box” and “in the box”, first. Giving this a thought made me realise that it definitely makes sense.

Further, we talked about limitations of design, importance of reading, writing and research and then we were introduced to the book we were going to read this semester, INVISIBLE CITIES. Through the class discussions, I briefly understood what the title says about the book- the hidden cities that are yet to be discovered, the small under developed places. It lead me to wonder if the book metaphorically talks about the unspoken and hidden ideas too.

We then moved on to talk about what was space and personal space. I shared that space is an area of existence but personal space could be any place that is special to us, like our comfort zone. I learnt that personal space could be described in several ways-

  • Description
  • Emotional reaction ( attachment, comfort zone, etc)
  • Personification
  • Narrative ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd person or thematic}
  • Abstraction

Today’s class exercise was to describe our personal space, i.e bedroom. Some felt that bedroom was not their personal space so our faculty taught us that in such situations we must mention all the reasons as to why it is not our personal space instead.

This is what I wrote- MY BEDROOM

Those enclosed walls have taught me the difference between being alone and being lonely. As a kid, fights and arguments would lead me to bang the door behind me and weep until I felt better. Sitting alone on my bed, with my face buried between my legs, taught me the importance of giving myself some personal space and “alone time.” The smiley sponge ball on the right corner of my shelf taught me to feel an emotion completely, good or bad, until it lasts. The rectangular mirror knows all my stories, it helped me reflect upon myself. The window next to my bed has always been my ray of hope that has given me happiness. My bedroom is where I spend time with myself, it is where I come back and find myself at peace, everyday.

Reflection-Our first seminar class taught me that reading and writing plays a very important role in every field. It opens up our minds to think beyond definite limitations. It also taught me the concept of constructive criticism, the difference between a review and a judgement. I liked personal space as a discussion, it got me thinking and I learnt from it.

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