This was the review day where we were first given some time to assemble the entire box together. Understanding the process of sticking the layers to the box took me some time but I figured it out.

I had finished making all the six layers with a 1cm margin on all 4 sides. I made light markings on the side sheets of the box and started putting the box together. I started sticking the last layer on the margin, I had marked and then eventually stuck then first layer, after closing the box from all 5 sides.The box did not turn out to be exactly like I expected it to be, I gave enough time to the cutting of the layers but I hurried the box slightly and that tampered with the structure of my final box. Therefore, I will be modifying the box and presenting it in the ninth week again.

We were asked to observe all the other boxes and make note of the common errors and challenges we had all faced while making the tunnel box-

  • Wobbly structure of the box due to incorrect measurement
  • Unerased dark pencil lines on the layers
  • The layers were not stuck to the box properly which left is bent and leaning and also affected the box structure
  • Imbalance of positive and negative spaces
  • Improper distance between the layers which made it look congested
  • Lack of patience in the cutting and sticking of layers

From this project I learnt-

  • Rule of elimination– It is easier to eliminate the unwanted elements than to make a decision about keeping the wanted elements
  • Even after a fixed set of instruction, all the boxes still looked different because everybody has a different comfort zone and style of working and that needs to be considered
  • The importance of overcoming the task of differentiating between positive and negative spaces as that is going to help us in all sort of design fields in the future
  • The need to learn design vocabulary. It is easy to play with words, i.e through a dictionary but it takes time to learn the colour combinations and terms that are related to design.
  • The need to make smart decisions instead of the best decisions. For example, I should not have rushed the box and showed it in the next class. I would have been graded out of 5 instead of 10 but presented a box made after following the right method and no shortcuts.
  • The skill of observation in our daily lives to perceive things better
  • Learning the purpose behind visual literacy in the field of design

Reflection: Apart from the things listed above, this project made me realise and learn a lot of other things. When I got to know that we would be making a tunnel box as our studio project, questions related to how this would help us in learning design did cross my mind but now as I sit down and think about it, I realise that this project focussed on the journey, on things like patience, teaching us how to observe and focus on the minute details, taking proper instructions and following the right method, being particular about the measurements and type of sheets and materials, experimenting and prototyping to make mistakes now so that we do not make those ‘silly’ mistakes in the future projects. This project was one of the biggest steps to prepare us for the type of work that will be expected out of us in future.

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