We were sent a number of readings under each discipline to read. Under fashion design, I read the relationship between art and design and hem line is the bottom line. I really liked the second one since it gave me a realistic and transparent insight to the fashion industry. We could not discuss the readings during the class since we ran out of time.

We discussed the final essay in detail and were given certain pointers to keep in mind while writing it-

  • Interconnected
  • Address the counter attack
  • Academic voice
  • Conclusion- justify the current significance
  • No assumptions, always have a reasoning
  • Citations
  • One main question, others could be used as arguments or conclusion

Initially I had taken utility (different ways of wearing) as my element but my studio faculty made me realise that utility and different ways of wearing actually fall under Fashion Communication and Styling and not Fashion Design so I changed my element to draping. So in this class, I discussed with ma’am and changed my main enquiry question to- How has scarf evolved over time through draping techniques?

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