We were expected to submit our final grips in this class along with an explanation of the journey of making of the grip to our faculty.


We were again told to include a few things like- inspiration, progress, objections, method, warnings, etc in our blogs before the 10th week evaluation.

In this class we were introduced to the second project.

In the second project we were going to show the interaction between two bodies, how they are interdependent yet independent at the same time and create a model that represents that essence of interaction. 

Our objective was to create a grip that is a wearable ( not from the practical point of view but the statement point of view)

Our task was to create a dialogue between the two people through interaction

We were also explained that it needs to be a wearable because true fashion is functional and not only for the aesthetic purpose.

We were given few references like-

  • Jennifer crupi
  • Neri oxman
  • Experimental fashion 
  • Shape shifter

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