We started the class by discussing about Buddhism- Enlightenment from the ground

In this picture, the hand gestures show the enlightenment

We moved on to the understanding of anatomy– about the human body. For eg, how the ribs used to be

I learnt that Buddhism started with non- iconographic of religion. Buddha, unlike others did not claim to be any of the deities. Thus, it has no religion attached.

I further understood that The Bodhi tree, the wheel- cycle of nature did not signify time then but now it does (24 spokes). The stupa legitimates the significance of these incidents being present at that time.

I got to know that graphics started with cave paintings and carvings, through story telling.

  1. Sanchi stupa: (500 BCE- 200 CE) interesting dome, has relics of buddha
  2. I also learnt about the Bhaja cave

Evolution of Buddhism-

  • Oldest- Buddha itself ( scriptures)
  • Most philosophical- (In China)
  • Esoteric Buddhism- (Tantric)
  • Shortcuts to Enlightenment

We were also briefed about our next project, where we had to choose 6 objects that have aspects from all disciplines and make 6 mind maps on them. We were divide into groups of three, Shubh, Aditya and I chose to be a group. Since each one of us had to do 2 objects each, we divided it according to our interest and strengths. So, Shubh chose Communication Design and Interior Design, Aditya chose Product Design and Strategic Design Management and I chose Fashion Design and Fashion Communication and Styling.

Reflection: I was confused how we were going to pick aspects from the object from the past but when we were given the entire brief in this class, I understood that we were going to be extracting ideas from historical art works and since history plays a big role in all our disciplines, the objects will definitely give us a better understanding towards our specific disciplines.

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