In our first class, we started right from the basics. We were told the difference between vector and pixel images.We were also told the different types of softwares we would be using like adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop and adobe indesign, their uses and differences.

We also learnt the shortcut keys for certain functions like ctrl+c (copy), ctrl+v (paste), ctrl+d (duplicate) , ctrl+I (drop colour box),etc. We started with illustrator and discussed everything in detail like the tools, different sizes, spaces and it’s utility.

We spent most of our time understanding the pen, shapes, curvature and pathfinder tool and ways to use them:

  • To use the pen tool, click on the pen tool in the tool box. Make a point on the canvas and drag to draw a line, click on the ending point to draw a joining line.
  • To use a curvature tool, click on the curvature tool in the tool box. Start a line on the canvas, to make a continuing line, right click and press alt together. In order to create a curve, click on the line where the curve needs to be created and pull the line accordingly.
  • To use the pathfinder tool, select the pathfinder tool from the windows option, select the two separate images and join them using the tool.

These are the three things we made using the above tools in our first week-

Honestly, I was working with these tools after a really long time so I found it a little difficult at first but I realised that practice with a little bit of patience and effort will help me get better at this. It was tricky but it was fascinating at the same time. Sir made sure that all of us understood these tools well because if we do not get our basics right, we will face problems in future. Sir also made us realise how important it is to have a mouse while working because it makes the job much easier. Overall, the class was quite intriguing.

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