I decided to write the blogs together to show the progress work of the final group assignment.

For our final step, we had to create a 3d installation focusing on the chosen aspect. Our faculty asked us to avoid using glass and plastic and keep the 1″1″1″ foot size in mind.

Ma’am also suggested that we must create our installation in an abstract way. So we made the different areas in hornimon circle in their abstract forms.


In the next few days we worked on creating the model. We explored a lot of materials while creating this project because we were thinking of the best viable materials. For example, we used slime to depict water, file card in the form of a book to show the library, a wooden staircase to show the unique architecture, a zip to show the luxury brands, rubber tyre to show the roads, and most importantly an umbrella on top of the coffee mug to show that local vendors need to be raised in hornimon circle.

These are few glimpses from our process of making the model-

It was a rich experience because through this project we also made an effort to know about Benjamin hornimon and the unique history behind hornimon circle. As a group we studies the architecture, garden and evolution of the Horniman Circle garden.

Putting all our ideas together, this is the final 3D model we created-


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