I realised that I was lagging behind when I entered the class because people had already started working on their 2D models but I thought it was very important for me to take my faculty’s opinion on my metaphors before starting the 2D sketches, so I did the same.

My faculty changed two of my metaphors as she wanted us to avoid writing metaphors on our physical aspects and concentrate on our unique qualities instead. So, I revised my list and finally came up with a set of these 10 metaphors:

  • She is the glistening river that flows through the mountains.
  • She is the comforting warm winter sun.
  • She is the soothing yellow in the sunset sky.
  • She has the willpower of an Indian goddess.
  • She is the shooting star, in a sky full of a million stars.
  • Her presence reflects striking lightening.
  • Her honesty compliments her innocence.
  • She is a blooming flower, spreading happiness and colour.
  • Her silence screams humility.
  • Hope helps her get through the dangling bridges of her life.

In this class, we were told to finish our 2D compositions of the metaphors because we then had to convert them into 3D structures. We were told to use a black pen in the 2d designs to highlight the parts that we were going to turn 3D.

My faculty did not approve the first few 2D compositions because I was taking them too literally and I had to look at them from an abstract angle. I understood what was expected from us by the end of it.

LEFT TOP: She is the glistening river that flows through the mountains
LEFT BOTTOM: She is the shooting star in a sky full of a million stars
RIGHT TOP: She is the soothing yellow in the sunset sky
RIGHT BOTTOM; She is the warm winter sun
LEFT TOP: She has the strength of an Indian goddess
LEFT BOTTOM: Her words strike lightening
RIGHT TOP: Her silence screams humility
RIGHT BOTTOM: Her honesty compliments her innocence

Every time our faculty asks us to modify something, she makes sure to give a good justification so that we understand well. For example, I was told that I’m not thinking enough and I need to break the structured ideas in my mind and think more freely. We are always helped in building up our concepts and thinking out of the box which is the best part about studio classes.

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