In this class, we finalised PINKY PROMISE as our final grip that we would be working on.

Out of all the grips that we had thought about, this was the grip that had a strong common link from our childhood and we felt that it was necessary to connect with a grip in order to create a wearable that does not only express the form of the grip but also the essence and emotion behind it.

We were expected to research and conceptualise the main idea behind the grip-

It was believed that the ‘red thread of fate”,connected soulmates and was prevalently tied on the pinky finger. The cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. We were taught the importance of creating space in our first class. Taking that as a keynote reference, we felt that creating space for promises and secrets could represent aspects of warmth, acceptance and trust. Thus, we decided to create gloves that would be interwoven and have ‘spaces’ to seal precious promises.

We had thought of expressing the wearable through knots so our faculty also suggested me to issue a book on knots to get good knowledge about the technique we were going to use.

A knot to seal promises

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