This class started with a short discussion on the highlights of the Indian economy in order to be aware of the things going around us. We discussed the functions of the finance Minster and how the current finance minister, Nirmala Sithraman has given a boost to the economy. We also spoke about budget, what it is and the types of budget in our country. A lot of people though Delhi was the finance capital when it is actually Mumbai.

We were asked if we think inflation is good and I learnt that controlled inflation is good because if there is no inflation in the economy the standards of living will just remain constant. We were also told that at present the economy is facing recession.

This class also dealt with self introspection and analyzation. We read two articles related to this, namely, “Manage yourself first then you can effectively manage others” and ” To get better at understanding other people, start with yourself”. These articles actually helped me to understand the importance of knowing oneself before managing others. The last talk by Steve Jobs made me realise that the reason why the company, apple is doing so well is because the company is run by ideas and not hierarchy. He ended the talk by saying that collaboration is what leads to innovation and it made so much sense to me.

After this,We took an online test and selected 6 adjectives out of around 50 that we thought best described us. Then we sent it to our friends and family. My two dominant traits are: Confident and Trustworthy. This activity was very interesting and a great way of self introspection.

Johari window test
Results of the test

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