Looking at a very few people finish their iterations, our faculty asked us what challenges we were commonly facing while writing the stories in the seminar class. I penned down each challenge as Ma’am helped us find solutions to each one of them in order to understand where I was going wrong-

  • Communication over text– not getting the intention/tone/context right
  • Problem while writing a description
  • Details– falling out of words
  • Already established ideas
  • Finding a common connect
  • Focussing on 1 particular object- tunnel vision
  • Conformation bias– finding/ filling the gaps

Our faculty explained to us that visual context could be absent and the best way to overcome the challenge of not know what to do is to first eliminate what we do not wish to do, i.e, the rule of elimination since it is easier to remove dislikes than likes-

We were asked to consider the following points while writing the 6 chapters-

  • imagination
  • new/ unique/ cliche ideas
  • contradictory thoughts
  • strengths
  • inspirations– cannot be avoid
  • list down the pros and cons for each concept before applying it
  • sentences might include metaphors, phrases, imagined realities
  • simple objects– as simple as the odour of the city

Refection: From today’s class, I extracted that conditioning and experiences will continue to reign and influence us. We have been conditioned to believe that something cannot be different from the way it already exists. For example, a toothbrush but that is false. I understood that the sole purpose of this project is to let us widen our horizons of imagination and think without restrictions, it could be anything since it depends on OUR imagination. The other person might not understand our concept, we must explain our point and rectify somewhere but then the concept should not depend on the ability of the audience to perceive things, and instead our ability and strength to explain it. I realised the importance of the skill of communicating one’s ideas through this class.

As a class assignment, we moved on to the second step of choosing one iteration and tracing the layers on the gateway sheets-

Chosen iteration- The city of identifying good deeds

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