IMAGING 1/28.02.2020/ WEEK 7

In today’s class, we were expected to present our mock printout of the layout in order to realise and understand the mistakes and rectify them for the final book.

I received feedback for several things-

-Look for a better font style for the title of the book
-Change the shade of pink and make it lighter
-Keep the title of the book only on one side of the spread and shift the placing from top-centre to the top-corner of the page
-Add small illustrations on each page of the book
-The size of the page number should be much smaller

Reflection: Taking note of all the points that my faculty mentioned made me realise how each detail, whether it is the size of the page number or the placing of a title, needs to be done with immense particularity in order to make your book look presentable. I learnt the importance of concentrating on the minute details through this class.

I made the expected changes and then this is what my modified booklet looked like-

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