We were expected to present the surveys in front of the class but the groups had not segregated the data into the separate sectors so we made three different forms to record separate responses for each sector in this class.

Mixed Sector
Commercial Sector
Residential Sector

We observed that household sector happens to have a deteriorated health and wellbeing rate. According to PMC, the household sector, especially people living in mud houses and the ones that lack basic sanitation were considered to be the main cause area of TB. Whereas, people under commercial and mixed sector were comparatively more aware and careful about health issues.

Refection– Before separating the responses we wondered why we were asked to do so but by the end of it we realised that through this process we found areas that were more affected. By talking to the local people around, we also realised that some are aware about TB and still do not bother to get the regular health check ups while the lower sections need to be educated about health issues and ways to prevent it.

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