Due to UMANG, I missed this class but I made sure I asked my friends what was done in class and finished the assignment on time.

We were asked to write down 10 metaphors that describe us and then make them in 2D form after getting them approved from Ma’am. I did wonder at first how metaphors would help us in any way of art and design but then when I actually started thinking about metaphors that represent me, I realised that this assignment was a very good way to understand yourself well.

For me, Designing is a reflection of my innovative ideas and thoughts and this assignment made me realise that until and unless I do not understand how to observe and represent myself well, I will not be able to reflect my ideas in order to design anything.

These are the 10 metaphors that I thought of:

  • She is the glistening river that flows through the mountains.
  • She is the comforting warm winter sun.
  • She is the soothing yellow in the sunset sky.
  • She has the willpower of an Indian goddess.
  • She is the shooting star, in a sky full of a million stars.
  • Her presence reflects striking lightening.
  • She is a slow and steady tortoise.
  • She is a blooming flower, spreading happiness and colour.
  • Her silence screams humility.
  • Her smile is a piece of art.

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