We discussed the Roman Civilisation in today’s class-

These are the few facts that I was able to retain from the discussion-

Roman Era: 500 BCE-400 CE

  • We discussed the invasions of the Roman empire
  • The modern and old roman civilisations were very different
  • Rome looked very ruined because the people then destroyed the Roman structures and built churches since most of them turned into Christians
  • The structures in Rome had a very strong base
  • Aqueducts and Pompeii was discovered here
  • Arches in the structures were derived from the Mesopotamian architecture
  • In Europe, all roads leads to Rome
  • In the Colosseum, the columns are just there to make people feel comfortable. The arches actually hold the structure together
  • All portraits looked very similar in the Roman art
  • Roman Pottery– mainly terracotta
  • Roman Currency– The word salary came from the word salt since it was given to soldiers as salary
  • Surgical tools and ornament were prevalent
  • Jewellery did not have stereotypes like it does now- men and women both wore necklaces
  • In Rome, one could find historical treasures just by digging half a foot below

Refection– This lecture made me realise how important class discussions are. Picking up questions is what leads to the in depth discussion of facts and stories that no book could teach. More than information, I gained knowledge about the existence of Rome, the reasoning behind it’s architecture, the discoveries, and art.

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