We started the class by revising everything that we had done until last class. Ma’am told us a few more shortcut keys like-

  • v= move tool
  • b=brush tool
  • ctrl+shift=distort
  • ctrl+e=merge
  • We were told to make sure that the auto select and anti-alias options are always on

We learnt how to use the crop tool, how to use guides and Single Row and Column Marque Tool and make grids on any image and how to add colour and effects to it.

I used the following steps to edit the image below-

1. Crop the impored image.
2. Ctrl+R for the ruler.
3. Put guide lines -(0%, 33%, 66%,100%)
4. Select the lines using the add to selection tool.
5. Expand the pixels.
6. Fill the colour and deselect.
7. Expand image using crop tool.
8. Fill colour.

First make the grids in the image. Then go on crop tool and expand the crop and make a new layer and fill it with a colour which will be the background colour. Then using Rectangular Marque Tool select one grid and click Ctrl J to copy it to a new layer and do it for all the different images in each grid. Add strokes in each new layer by going to edit – stroke – add stroke. Select a layer – Ctrl T and rotate each layer to give it this effect.
Make grids. Using Rectangular Marque Tool select each image in the grid and click Ctrl J. After doing it 9 times, click on a layer and fill it with a colour and then reduce the opacity. Fill colours in the layers and reduce their opacity to give it this effect.

We also learnt how to outline an image through the lasso tool and paste it on some other picture after tracing it.

This was the original image and then I changed the sky using the lasso tool below
Using Polygonal Lasso Tool I first traced out the picture and separated it from the rest of the picture by clicking Ctrl + Select + J. Then I chose this picture of the sky and simply copy pasted the selection into the picture. To customise the colours in the picture according to the background go to Image – Adjustments – Hue/Saturation.

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