IMAGING 1/ 14.03.2020/ WEEK 6

In this class, we mainly learnt how to use paragraph style, character style and bullets to enhance the look of our text.

I understood that if I want to change the font style from one to the other, I do not need to go to each paragraph. I can just change the style from the style guide.

  • For character style: select paragraph- character- font type- font size- logging- alignment- first line indent- paragraph spaces- font colour and other properties- apply to the characters
  • For paragraph style: paragraph styles- para1-apply properties- select the required paragraph and then just click on para1 to apply those properties
  • If the paragraph style shows a plus+ sign then that means that the paragraph has been edited externally
  • To apply bullets: type-bullets and numbered lists-apply bullets
  • I also learnt how to apply drop cap under paragraph styles

Further we were given specifications for our booklet-

  • No fancy fonts
  • fonts must compliment each other
  • font size should not be too big
  • grading criteria-styles, TOC, cover page, chapters, name, page number

Reflection: Before getting into the details of paragraph and character styling, our faculty briefed us about things like, the file to be mailed should not be more than 200-300 mb, proper naming convention for files, small details that we often ignore while working with such softwares.I felt that learning these basics are very important right now since it is important to already get into the habit of doing things with the right specifications. Looking at magazines,I had always wondered how the first letter of the text is bigger than the rest, therefore learning drop cap was interesting for me.

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