IMAGING 1/ 06.03.2020/ WEEK 8

In this week, our faculty gave us a final feedback on our booklet. I was just told to remove the images from the last two pages and leave it completely blank. I made the change in class itself.

We were also introduced to our next project in this class. We were going to make a coffee table book. Sir showed us a few books for reference purpose and we were expected to make the cover in this class.

Sir told me that I should go for something minimalistic, probably just a simple sword standing vertically. He also asked me to change the font type for the title.

Reflection: From this class, I realised that I had seen and read several books but I never happened to notice the design details. While designing the cover, I was looking at fancy fonts but when I got the feedback I understood that a book, especially a coffee table book needs to be simple and balanced in order to be visually appealing.

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