In this class, we discussed the word, “retrospection”, which means, analysing or reviewing past events. It was followed by a very interesting class discussion where people shared their funny childhood memories and incidents.

We were asked if we ever retrospect our past events, especially arguments and fights and wonder why we did not say certain things to win the argument. This was an interesting point in the class discussion because some felt that it gave them satisfaction when they retrospected their past fight and won it in their mind. While, most people felt that it was quite frustrating to do the same.

Thereafter, we got a class assignment where we had to write a letter in order to encourage ourselves because we had just moved to a new city and college.

We also got a home assignment in which we had to pick 3 childhood pictures of ourselves and write letters from our present self to our past self.

Dear Sirina Jr,
     I think some things will never change! You were always a grumpy little kid and I guess you still are. However, only your close ones had to deal with your tantrums and I think it continues to be the same even now. This picture is still so clear in my mind, I remember how this was clicked right after you lied down on the floor of the shop when they did not buy you the "50th" barbie set that you were wanting to add to your collection.
Although, the good part is that the stubborn kid did not turn out to be a very stubborn adult. I wish I could turn back time to when being stubborn, cheeky and grumpy was acceptable and considered cute:p
Yours still grumpy,

Dearest Sirina,
        Seems like you were quite lucky to have found "the guy who looks at you like that", at the age of eleven itself!I clearly remember how you put a timer to click a picture of yourself with your dog, shadow after you rescued him from getting beaten up because he had just bitten off the edge of a kurta that mom had to wear that evening.
It actually looks like shadow is feeling overwhelmed and grateful after being rescued. You share loads of happy memories with your dogs but I think this one is the most special one. Keep smiling, and making people around you smile too:)

Dear Sirina,
     This is such a happy and precious picture. I remember how the three of you fought about who is going to keep it and of course Anavi being the eldest one took it but you managed to rip it out of her scrap book! 
We all look so happy but I remember how you slapped aryan a few minutes before little Sanskriti and him were heading back to Gurgaon. You both had a fight over the TV remote and both of you cried after you slapped him.In the end, a hug and a group picture is all it took to put bright smiles on all your faces.
You tend to act a little impatient and impulsive at times but you know how to mend things and have a control over yourself. Never let go off that control.
Your keeper,

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