In this class we were told to prepare a narrative, by deciding the order and creating a layout of the creative responses of the entire group which we would be compiling in a booklet later on.

I got my second draft reviewed by my faculty again. I was just asked to include the space in my 280 character story so I made the changes. I included the corrections from my first draft too and I was ready with my final draft.


As our assignment, we had to pick three pictures from our studio visit place i.e. hornimon circle and write a haiku, a limerick and a 280 character story-


On a bright sunny day in October

A man quite sober,

slowly walked out of the gate

After an upsetting date

Oh! I think it was Mr. Dober.


Echoing silence

A profound symmetry

walking along the street


Feeling blue, without a clue, realising that time does not stop for anyone. The pillars have captured those ignored moments.Look through the focussed lense, it might make sense.  

This assignment made me realise that knowledge is not only gained in classrooms. Observation and exploration teaches one how to look beyond their vision. Working and ideating in a group taught me how to coordinate, understand different ideas and work as a team.

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