In this week, we were expected to create a map of the wearable we would be making, involving parameters such as-Storyboarding, concept, reference, design, expression and documentation that we would be covering as we move along from our concept design to mock model to our final finished model.

  • STORYBOARDING (the story behind our interaction)- I have always had an attachment towards the colour blue and that is the reason I call the pinky promise-‘bluey’ promise, while my partner calls it pinky promise itself. We feel that it has been our key since childhood of investing trust in someone and sealing our promises by interlocking our pinky fingers.
  • CONCEPT– As mentioned before, we used the belief of the ‘red thread of fate’ to represent the characteristics of unbinding, unforced,fragile yet strong and interlocked. We chose GLOVES as our wearable as we wanted to show how the strong knots in the gloves, treasure numerable secrets and promises and keep it intact and safe.We used two different materials:jute and cotton cord to show the different perspectives of bluey and pinky promise respectively.
  • REFERENCE– We mainly took reference from the book- The ultimate encyclopedia of knots and rope work and macrame artists like @lamaisondumacrame(omayma)

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