This class began with a blog review, where we were told to keep certain points in our mind while writing our space and materiality blogs. We were expected to write the blogs in third person, click a lot of pictures (of our process work and not just of refined models and sketches), mention concepts, and focus on small details because our faculty wanted to look at our process work, the drawbacks, the mistakes and improvement, the journey of getting to the end result as that is what defines a “learning” portfolio.

In this week, we had to move onto the abstraction of the sketches of our grips, conceptualisation and creating mock models at home and in the next class.

We had to come up with 2 concepts and write answers to the following questions after proper research and conceptualisation-

Initially, I chose the grip of making a dosa.

-Essence of grip (characteristics)- I specially chose the grip of making a dosa because I wanted to portray the true essence and emotion behind food cooked by hands and the irreplaceable taste behind it, even in today’s world that is driven by machines and technology. (FIRM,FLEXIBLE and STRONG)

-How are you representing it in the model (abstraction)- I wanted to show a hand which consists of electric wires and a battery and depict that a hand will always be the most effective and efficient tool. It makes an individual feel powerful and self sufficient.

-What material are you choosing (materiality)- electric wire

Why are you choosing that material (conceptualisation)-I chose electric wires because I wanted to choose a material that can represent nerves. I did some research on wires and learnt that there are several types of wires like stranded wire, braided wire, solid wire, etc. I read a case study which proved that electric wires are highly ductile, compared to other materials.

How will you make it (technique)-I took advantage of the flexible property of the wire and twisted it accordingly to give the shape of the hand and made a loop to fit in the battery on the wrist area.

-How will you make the mock (directions)-I first made the sketch, further conceptualised, researched on the type of wire I was going to use and then gave it a final stable form.

I was absent during this class so after I finished the abstractions and conceptualisation of 1 grip I wanted to show it to my faculty before I moved onto the other one in order to know if I’m on the right track.

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