TIME/ 04.02.2020/ WEEK 5

We were expected to brainstorm and share our concepts that we would be using in our videos with Sir today. We could only use clips and audios from archive.org and that was the main task since it was difficult to find videos on this site.I had clicked pictures of the waves and I thought of showing the circle of life using the flow of waves. When I searched for content related to waves, this is all I could really find-

Thereafter,I shared with my faculty that I was unable to think of concepts so sir made me realise that the wrong thing that I was doing was thinking of a concept and then looking for content related to that, instead I should look through videos on archive.org and then build on a concept after taking reference and inspiration into consideration. He also suggested that I could show the growth of women in different fields as the passage of time through the flow of waves. This idea actually lubricated my mind and I started building on it.

Reflection: Discussing with my faculty made me realise that sometimes it is important to think of alternate ways to go about a project, why choose the hard way when there is an easy option. I was struggling with thinking of concepts when I could just go through videos and then build on a concept.

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