TIME/ 31.03.2020/ WEEK 11

In this class we were supposed to come up with 5 iterations for our final project that would represent our time period- 1981-1995.

We had a group discussion and came up with 5 iterations. We divided the work equally and asked each person to note down brief write ups on any one topic.

Time period- 1981-1995

ITERATION 1:  A short movie video which shows few iconic events of our time period like Indira Gandhi assassination, world cup, Hindu- Muslim riots, Shiv Sena into ruling powers and Bombay turning to Mumbai officially with voice overs in the background. Basically  a short, good, interesting film depicting  our time period.

ITERATION 2: T.V show in which certain topics will be discussed or information will be given possibly in the funniest way.  

The topics will majorly cover events which occurred during 1981 to1995.  
We will either take series of serious events and turn them into complete mockery or use some funny events.  
The show will be designed in parts where there might be a speaker hosting the show, something like jimmy felon show, there might be activities.  the whole show will be set in the era 1980s the theme of the show maybe the way they dress up, the dramatic music, the dramatic pauses, the countdown 3.2.1 on the screen.

ITERATION 3: Movie trailer: What actually drives most people to watch a certain movie? The movie trailer, right? 

A movie trailer is short, concise and gives away just enough information, to attract millions of viewers.Including events from our time period (1981-1995), like, the Operation Blue Star and Black Thunder, Indira Gandhi’s and then Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination to the voting age being reduced from 21 to 18 and internet being launched in this era. We are looking at compiling a trailer that left an impact during that time period and still continues to play a role in today’s time.

ITERATION 4: A radio show where all the topics included in our timeline (1981-1995) are discussed in a very comical way and each topic has a particular song dedicated to it (the songs will also be from that era). All the events will be talked about in a very funny and sarcastic manner.


 The iteration ‘ what if ‘ is all about making an attempt or assumptions  of things what if this was the case and not this or can also say that imagination of things which could be different form the current situation.For example, what if Indira Gandhi was never assassinated?What if Rajeev Ghandi was killed but Pakistanis and not Shrilankans?

As a group, we all agreed with finalising the video with a voice over as our final iteration and shared it with our faculty.

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