Since we were supposed to write our 6 stories based on a common link or theme, considering the first story I had written and the few ideas that were in my mind, I asked my faculty if I could take ‘identity of people’ as a common link. My faculty suggested me to finish all the stories first and then figure the common link out since that would be easier for me.

In this class, I faired out the first draft and also started working on the other stories.

First chapter(final)-

When a man rides a long time through materialistic and monetary gains, he longs for a city of Heureux. A city stretching from the arms of satisfaction to the ashes of greed, enveloped in contentment, believing in that uncertain ray of hope, living for the journey instead of the destination with an aim of growing instead of accomplishing.

A city where people still have the time to have a meal together at the cost of losing a few coloured notes, where the idea of happiness and content is not just attached to the bank balance or social status, where a man is able to understand things that would ‘matter’ in the end and learns to value them, while he is still breathing.

In Heureux, people acknowledge the difference between temporary and permanent, they understand the fact that happiness and sorrow are both temporary but the skill and will to accept both is permanent and embedded in all of us. People here have realised the importance of knowledge over simple numerical digits. This city offers a space to nurture the beauty that lies within and outside the window, at the same time. The existing people have absorbed the elements of nature and have not been soaked by technology yet. This city is constantly building and growing, in ways that are known to all.

Desiring and dreaming of a city where a man does not die so poor that all he has is money.

Reflection– Discussing with my faculty I realised that it is better to find that common link in the stories only after finishing them since one never knows what ideas could pop up while writing them. I had never written anything other than short articles before this project and while doing this project I realised that I actually enjoyed writing. I realised that one never knows what they are capable of unless they make an effort and try to do it.

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