IMAGING 1/ 14.02.2020/ WEEK 9

Our faculty gave an individual feedback to each on of us on our cover pages in the first half of the class. In the next half, we moved ahead with the making of the contents page.

We were also given certain details of the entire book-

  1. Size- 10’10
  2. Content- From the objects as history booklet
  3. Index- in the end (bibliography)
  4. Timeline- foldout made on illustrator or photoshop
  5. Declaration statement- to avoid plagiarism
I made a black and white cover with just one sword. My faculty suggested that I should keep it the same and just add the golden texture on the motif of the sword as that would highlight the entire cover. I wanted the inner pages to be black and white too but my faculty said I should go for a white layout colour instead and a plain black back cover. I was still confused about which font style to use.
My contents page was fine but I was asked to change the font style, I have used to write the civilisations since I had not used Lucida Grande anywhere else in the book

For the next class, we had to present a layout of the inner content pages with the details.

Reflection: This class taught me that we often tend to replicate things we see. I’ve seen various black and white covers and thought they looked classy so I tried making one. When my faculty suggested that I could just keep the motif golden, I realised that would actually stand out and look good. It is definitely important to push your imagination beyond your observation.

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