Due to UMANG, I missed this class but I made sure I asked my friends what they did in class. Sir had done a group exercise in this week so I could not do it myself at home, the most I could do is try to understand the purpose behind that exercise so I did that from my end.

Sir first discussed Sensitization which means being sensitive towards work. He also spoke about the categories of process-

  • Removal-eg: drilling
  • Shape-eg: 3d printing
  • Moulding- eg: changing shapes of the object
  • Deposition- eg: electro-chemical, crystallisation

We had to form a group of four people, divide a sheet into four parts and the first person was expected to draw 2 very different things and then the rest of the three had to draw what they interpreted (different ideas) from the sketch made by the person before them, for example, a spoon and curtains or brush and burger.

Honestly, I did not understand the idea of making 2 such random and different things together but when my friend also shared with me that a few of these groups actually created a product at the end of the exercise, it all quite made sense to me.

I feel, no product can be created without enough exploration, procrastination and experimentation. But sometimes you just need to let the unclear ideas in your mind flow on paper and it could actually lead to something productive. I also understood that this exercise was probably done to help us to be able to interpret ideas of others, respect it and then build on it, using our own ideas after that.

I am sure I still missed out on a lot of things that were discussed in class and I would have probably been able to describe it better if I had attended it but I tried my best to do the same.

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