We wanted to try something different with our booklet so we shared our idea with our faculty in this class. We thought of taking one object and picking 6 different aspects, one from each discipline. Ma’am really liked this idea since it would be interesting to see how one objects can have such varied aspects that represent different categories of design.

Later we realised that Shubh was already taking the same object for Communication design as well as Interior design and we realised that the Fashion design object (charkha) can be used for Product design as well. I saw some really interesting aspects for Fashion Communication and Styling in Aditya’s Strategic Design Management object. Therefore, we decided to use 3 different objects in total, 1 for 2 disciplines and started working on our write ups.

Fashion Design (Khadi) and Product Design (Charkha)
Communication Design (Mediums and Compositions) and Interior Design (Exteriors and details)
Strategic Design Management (Playing chess) and
Fashion Communication and Styling (Women smoking huqqa)
Fashion Communication and Styling mind map

Reflection: The aspects that we chose were thought provoking and I found myself completely engrossed while researching on them. It made me realise how much significance each object held in the past and how it continues to be a big creative part of all our disciplines.

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