Our next task was to create a questionnaire based on a specific chosen aspect from the location and take an interview thereafter. When we visited hornimon circle we realised that there were very few local vendors despite the area being a tourist spot and we felt like there should be more vendors so we chose local vendors of hornimon circle as our focus for the interview.

We were just supposed to sit together at first and write down questions. These are the questions that we came up with-

  1. Since how long you have been working at this place?
  2. What time do you open and shut the shop?
  3. Education.
  4. Are you a registered vendor?
  5. Where do you purchase your raw materials?
  6. How did you determined your selling price?
  7. What is your day to day income?
  8. Who are your daily customers?
  9. Does the garden facilitate your sales?
  10. What is famous in Horniman Circle?
  11. Is there any police raids?
  12. Do tourists purchase your items?
  13. Do you have any account in any bank?
  14. Where do you invest your profits?
  15. In your opinion, what is more important- quality or value of money?
  16. When did street food become a popular culture?

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