We started the class by laying down our pictures on the table and discussing if all of them passed off for being a composition or not. I realised that I had not given enough thought to what a composition really is until that discussion. Looking at few pictures on the table, I felt like few of them were forced compositions particularly organised in that manner for the assignment. For example, there was a picture where an orange, white and green glass was put together to represent an Indian flag and i was confused about it being a composition.

Therefore, if I were asked-

What really is a composition?

-A composition is a mixture of different elements or maybe just one element, composed together to state a purpose or story.

Could anything and everything make for a composition?

-As long as anything or everything has a reason or a story behind it’s existence, it makes sense.

What is space? What role does it play?
-Utilisation of any area to it’s utmost potential makes it a space. Space plays a vital role in the interaction of mass and material and giving it a form.

Further,We had a brief discussion on artists like Antoni Gaudi and their paintings and work

Reflection: Having a discussion with our faculty, gave me a much clearer understanding of compositions. We were expected to ponder upon a few questions and write answers to it and that made me research and derive my own definition of a composition. But the most important thing that I learnt through this class was that observation is the best learning key (exploring, experimenting and learning from it).

I finished making my 15 thumbnails for the five cities and our next assignment was to make 3 iterations on our dream city-

ThumbnailsThekla & Argia
Isidora & Trude
Iteration inspired by Calvino’s city- Thekla
Iteration depicting a dream city under water

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