After tracing all the layers on the gateway sheets and marking the positive and negative spaces, I tried cutting the toughest layer on a cartridge sheet to understand if I had understood how to differentiate between the need for positive and negative spaces. This may sound easy but when I actually got down to cutting it, I realised that I made a few mistakes and found it a little challenging initially.

I failed at cutting the building part (left) and then I tried again and understood where I had gone wrong (right)

In the last class I had understood how to trace the layers on the ivory sheet and now I had understood how to cut it so I moved on to cutting all the six layers.

-Main challenges I faced while cutting the layers-

  • Differentiation between positive and negative spaces
  • The detailed and intricate parts were very time consuming
  • Had to be extremely careful and patient as the exacto knife would slide and cut unwanted parts on the sheet
  • The measurements had to be extremely accurate, as even a 0.1cm mistake would affect the look of tunnel box

Reflection– When I shared the fact that I tried cutting parts of the layer a couple of times on a normal sheet and made several mistakes initially, ma’am said that it was better to take time, experiment, make mistakes instead of rushing into making the final layers perfectly because quality is what matters and experimenting, making mistakes and rectifying it was the whole point of this project. I again understood how important it is to concentrate on the finest of details. I learnt that practicing and experimenting are the key sources towards perfection.

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