In this class, we were introduced to our first project of hand gestures. We were expected to ideate and sketch 5 grips with 6 different angles. We could draw inspiration from anything that interests us, for example, dosa wala, chai wala, etc.

 Further, we were briefed about the topics we will be covering up each week in order to finish the project well in time.

In this week, we had to sketch the grips, using different drawing techniques and while keeping the following parameters in mind:

  • emotion
  • strength/power
  • grace/freedom
  • confidence
  • static/dynamic
  • quality of strokes

~Process of developing design concept:

2.Story -behind the activity/grip

3.Abstraction and building mock models-of the grip and concept note

4.Materiality- exploring different materials and the reason behind using it

5.Conceptual/technical drawings – inspiration/case studies

6.Creating the model- details/ joinery/technique

These are few grips with the reason why I chose it:

1.Making a dosa: I chose this grip to project the incomparable taste of food made by hands. Even in today’s world of machines, I’d prefer food cooked by mother’s hands over online home delivery.

2.Mixing juice: whenever I picture a typical street in India, stalls having people mixing juice or chai using two cups, has always crossed my mind. Inspired by the true essence of streets of India, I chose this grip.

  • Holding a plate: I chose this as I was inspired by the traditional dance form of Rajasthan,”kalbelia”, where women dance with thaalis in their hands.

Our first project made me realise that this subject deals with productive research and lots of exploration. I noticed that most people clicked grips of holding a water bottle or a phone but the main idea behind this project was to get us out of our comfort zones and push us to think beyond our vision.

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