In this class, we started learning adobe photoshop. Our faculty started right from scratch and briefed us about every little detail so that our basics become strong right from the beginning.

We learnt how to use the following tools and shortcut keys:

  • brush tool
  • move tool
  • rectangular marque tool
  • paint bucket tool
  • command +D = deselect
  • command+alt+z= more steps back
  • command+T= transforms the image
  • ctrl+O= fit in screen (+ for zoom in and – for zoom out)
  • ctrl+x=switch colours
  • alt+backspace= fill foreground colour
  • ctrl+backspace= to fill background colour
  • We learnt that a layer thumbnail gives preview of whatever is lying on the layer.
  • We also learnt about the CMYK,RGB, hexadecimal values.
  • We learnt the link and unlink option

We learnt the 3 options in the menu bar: Add to selection, Subtract from selection and Intersect with selection. 

  • Add to Selection Tool: Adds multiple objects to the existing selection.
  • Subtract from Selection Tool: Removes objects from the existing selection.
  • Intersect with Selection Tool: Highlights the area between two selections.
  • Ctrl J: Layer via copy- copies the object of a layer to the other layer.
  • Ctrl + Shift + J: Layer via cut- It cuts the selected object from the existing object in a new layer.
  • Ctrl + Shift + U: Desaturate- Desaturates the colour from the selection.
  • Ctrl I : Invert Layer- Inverts the colour of the selection.

After learning these shortcut keys, we moved onto editing pictures using these options and tools:

Open an Image on the Canvas
Click Ctrl J (Copies the Image to another layer)
Click Ctrl + Shift + U (Desaturates the Image)
Click Ctrl J once again(Copies the desaturated Image to another layer)
Click Ctrl I (Inverts the colour)
Click on Normal(Beside Opacity) in the layer palette and choose Colour Dodge(It is a blend option)
Go on Filter in the Menu bar and Click Filter 
Click Blur and choose Gaussian Blur and adjust accordingly
Open an Image
Choose the Ellipse Marque tool and make an ellipse in the Image
Click Ctrl + Shift + I (Chooses the background and deselects the ellipse)
Make a New Layer 
Fill the background colour 
(Use feather tool to enhance the look)

After this we were shown a reference of a collage and our assignment was to make a collage using the tools and options we had learnt in class-


We learnt how to put multiple images to create a collage: Put an image in the canvas, rasterise it as it is a smart object in order to edit it. Then add a new layer and place an object in it and make an ellipse around it and Click Ctrl+ Shift + I to select the background, add a new layer and then click delete which deletes the rest of the Image.

I found photoshop more interesting compared to illustrator. This class went by quite quickly because it was interesting and I understood everything.

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