• CHARACTERISTICS-Unbinding, interwoven, fragile yet strong and firm, emotions attached to a belief carried on from childhood.
  • ABSTRACTION– Derived from an existing belief called the ‘red thread of fate’, the tight patterns created form locks which seal the secrets and promises within them.
  • MATERIALITY– Using jute and cotton cords because they are strong, bulky and natural in nature. The reason why we chose two different types of materials is to depict the two different ways how we look at the grip: PINKY PROMISE AND BLUEY PROMISE
  • TECHNIQUE– Used the technique of macrame to give a crafty, natural, interwoven and polished look.
  • DIRECTIONS-Made the mock using the same material to see what the final model would look like at the first go itself because we were sure about our material after enough experimenting. Created bands on the wrist areas to add a finished look. Made the cotton cord go through the jute cord to show the flow of trust and acceptance.

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