Over the last weekend, my partner and I made an attempt to create an object. My material was hemp and hers was ceramic so after researching, we mutually decided on making a hanging ceramic pot

Process work-

We thought of making the pot with ceramic clay and using hemp rope to make it hang.
We faced a challenge in finding hemp rope and ceramic clay since most of the markets only had ready-made ceramic objects or ceramic tiles and hemp rope is not easily available.
Therefore, for the prototype we decided to use M Seal to make the pot

We thought sticking it to a bowl would give it a structure of the pot but since M Seal is not a firm material, it was impossible to scoop it out of the plastic bowl without breaking.

While working on this, I realised that the biggest flaw about our idea was that we are not using the process of Upcycling and that is main parameter to consider.So, I tried finding discarded ceramic tile or clay and happened to find broken pieces of ceramic tiles in college.

It was difficult to make a pot out of this so I thought of creating a miniature bag using M Seal as the joinery for the tiles


  1. The reason why I chose to make a miniature bag is because I feel that it can be made out of discarded handbags, instead of new leather.
  2. For the time being I used M Seal as the joinery instead of ceramic clay.
  3. I decided to add the hemp rope on the two sides so that the bag could be used as a sling or a clutch if needed.

In today’s class, we were introduced to the next assignment. All groups were given different topics and we were expected to make a presentation of the secondary research on the topic, Water Consumption.We had to consider these points while making the presentation-

  • Secondary research- initial findings
  • Target audience-Water consumption amongst the lower sections of the society, within the age group of 5-15 years
  • Action and measures being taken by children of 5-15 age group towards water consumption and conservation

All of us divided the research work and made one slide each.

Reflection– When I shared my prototype with my faculty, I realised that it was not strong enough and I would have to use the right materials to put the idea together.

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