This class started with identifying-

  • -needs
  • -problems
  • gaps (between service and product)

Then we moved onto thinking of ways to bridge this gap and also learnt that a lot of business start with a motive to solve these innumerable problems.

Next,there was discussion on the word, “idea”, how one comes up with an idea and the amount of importance it holds in the world. Can an idea be made business? Is it legal? Will people pay for it? Is it line with the current trends?
Research says that an idea holds value of barely 1% in the world and execution is what actually matters to achieve a particular goal. Therefore, ideating is one of the first steps to start a business but the execution plays the main role.

‘Observe more, to see more and ideate more.” Only when one observes things properly is when they are able to strategise and manage well.

A businessman is either an INVENTOR or an IMPROVER.
An inventor is someone who builds the project from scratch.
An improver is the one who comes up with an idea that sells to people, or that improves the product/service.

Our task for this class was to observe and identify 5 problems in our college. These are the few main issues that I identified with my team-

  • The public water dispenser in college has only two glasses, most people do not use it as it is unhygienic
  • The tables and chairs should be a little elevated, I see a lot of people sitting on the desks while it is not allowed
  • The arrangement of chairs at hungry bulls is very chaotic
  • The rotating glass doors at the entrance is just not necessary
  • Either the air conditioners in college do not work or it gets freezing cold

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