In this class we learnt about the roman coinage, sculpture and jewellery-

Bahubali stautue

I learnt that in the above sculpture, there were creepers on his leg because once he was sitting under the tree and the branches started growing on him and that is when he tried to resent it. He had really strong arms.

About jewellery and dressing style– In the earlier times, jewellery was not so clad and it was later that the concept of ghunghat came in. This is why we cannot see draping in coins and sculptures

Decorative bronze statue, not a show piece

About sculptures– they used to be decorative and symbolic

Panchas- symbolic
Boat- signified cross country relationship

Reflection: Today’s class was rich in information, especially about sculptures. We learnt about how certain sculptures used to be symbolic and decorative, while the rest were just decorative, as shown above. I also learnt new details about the Mauryan Dynasty.

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