We started the class by discussing what we understood by the word,”reflection”. Expression of one’s thoughts and ideas and simply, a mirror image is what I interpreted it as.

From the class activity, where we discussed the first three things that we saw as soon as we entered the class, I understood the concept of reflection and the importance of observation which made me re-think why I particularly observed those three things.

In the second activity where we were introduced to different forms of poetry and writing, such as, haiku, limerick, 7 word story, 280 characters story, the following are my pieces that I wrote after looking at the pictures-

>Sunset picture/haiku: As I stand here silently, I hear voices inside me, telling me, The sea is where I belong

>Sand trail picture/7 word story: “Leave a mark where ever you go”.

>White room picture/ 280 characters story: I do not just see a white empty room. I see a room full of ‘shades’ of white, depicting coloured memories from the past. The white walls do not have cracks just like that, they have cracked listening to jokes and a million other stories over the years. The old photographs treasured in the rusted trunk, the smudged finger prints on the wall, the floor covered with a thick layer of dust, they simply signify a sense of being, without literally existing. The power of existence does not come with loud voices or actions. It could simply lie in an ’empty’ room and still ‘exist’ equally and independently.

>Red umbrella picture/ limerick: When I see this shade of red, it reminds me of my favourite bandana’s thread, I wore it to Coachella, where I lost my sister’s umbrella, God! i am so dead.

>Flower pot picture/haiku: There is life and growth, the broken piece is standing tall, there is space for all

It took me quite some time to finish this class assignment because I had never written using these forms before but the ongoing class discussions helped me think better and I found it quite interesting.

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