In this class, we had to present the 5 enquiry questions based on our element. I had chosen utility as my element.

Enquiry questions-

  1. Are scarves really an important fashion accessory? Why?
  2. Can scarves be used for primary use and not just for secondary purpose in today’s time?
  3. Do scarves carry primary function that cannot be alternated by another element?
  4. Are scarves still used to denote military ranking?
  5. Why were scarves considered to be a symbol of identity and ranking?

My faculty liked the last two questions and told me to focus on them. She told me that my direction of research is on track and I should go ahead with researching about my element in reference to the last question.

Reflection: When I started researching, I did not understand what my specific area of research should be and since there is so much information on the net, it left me confused but after I wrote down the 5 enquiry questions and was told to focus on why scarves are considered to be a symbol of identity and ranking, it made it much easier and element specific.

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