TIME/ 17.03.2020/ WEEK 9

This class commenced with a discussion on the different themes of films and the two main types of films-

  1. Commercial- created with an intent to make money. Most films in the theatre are feature and commercial films.
  2. Independent- films created outside the major film studio, produced and distributed by independent entertainment companies

We moved on to talk about ‘Deconstruction’– a method of film criticism and analysing the elements of the film

In this class, we were assigned our time periods and we had to watch movies that fell under that time frame. Our group was assigned ‘1981-1995’. The movies that we had to watch were- Pushpak , Anjali, Jaane bhi do yaaro , mirch masala, Massey sahib and Balak-palak.

In the second half we were asked to watch the movie, ‘Harishchandrachi Factory‘ , a biopic on Dadasaheb Phalke, the pioneer who brought cinema to India with Raja Harishchandra, the first motion picture made in Mumbai in 1913.

  • Different perceptions
  • Starting something new
  • Most actors used to be Muslims

Reflection: We also spoke about inspiration and beliefs involved while making a film. When I asked my faculty if most films are built on a belief or inspired, he told me that it is all about the story. The story comes first and then you build on it.

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