In this class we were expected to create an ideal as to how we would be dividing the work to finish the project efficiently.

The 6 grips that we chose for are second project are-

  • PINKY/BLUEY PROMISE- My partner and I strongly believe that since childhood our pinky fingers have been the biggest source of seizing promises and investing trust in our friends and beloved ones. I call it ‘bluey’ promise because I have a sense of attachment towards the colour, so I associate the attachment with promises and therefore we chose this to be the main grip we would be working on.
  • HIGH FIVE- We feel that giving a high five after a task goes well or when you connect with the other person has it’s own thrill.
  • SIDE FIVE- It was a way to encourage our team mates during a basketball match in school
  • HOLDING HANDS- A memory from childhood, when our parents used to hold our tiny hands and drop us to school everyday
  • TEACHING CYCLING- sense of emotion attached to the first time someone helped us learn how to cycle
  • TEACHING SWIMMING- one of our fond memories from childhood again

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