As our assignment, we had to pick three pictures from our studio visit place i.e. hornimon circle and write a haiku, a limerick and a 280 character story-


On a bright sunny day in October

I saw a man quite sober,

slowly walking out of the gate

After an upsetting date

Oh! I think it was Mr. Dober.


I see symmetry and similarity

The streets have so much to offer

overpowering dark shadows and silence


Sometimes it is more important to look at the smaller picture instead of the larger one, to look closely instead of looking away. Enveloped in confused thoughts and daily hassles, how many times do we actually take a moment to look at the world around us? Feeling blue, without a clue, still moving realising that time does not stop for anyone. It is captured in moments, but very few cherish the developed memories. Look through the focussed lense, it might make sense. 

When I got the above responses reviewed, I realised that there were mistakes in all three responses since it was my first try. I had written a haiku which had more than 17 syllables, my 280 character story had also exceeded the required limit and I was told to avoid writing any of the responses in first person so I corrected them thereafter. It was an interesting assignment because I got to learn something new. Most importantly, I made mistakes and learnt from them.

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