In this class, we were asked to research on our chosen objects and draft a timeline showing the evolution of that object over the years.

The object that I chose was- Weapons. Considering the wars that were fought in the past, I was intrigued to learn about the weapons that were used to fights these wars. Therefore, I chose weapons as my object.

This is the initial information I gathered to compile this timeline to depict the evolution-


We learnt about the Greek Civilisation in this class-


Below are the main points that we discussed-

  • Uniques Greek architecture- order of pillars, multiple deities, imaginary structures ( not gods, just nature) that personifies love and other strong messages
  • The first amphitheatre was found in the Ancient Greek civilisation.
  • The pillars gave a sense of scale of the size of human beings ( Acropolis of Athens)
  • Types of pillars– Doric, Ironic, Corinthean; the capitals are broader, same size as the base.
  • There used to be standees next to the capitals to reduce weight
  • Most of our greek knowledge comes from our greek structure and poetry
  • The greeks gave us Olympics ( sports)
  • Metallurgy– making of metals

Reflection– Learning about the Greek civilisation made me realise something very interesting that the metallurgy in this civilisation depicted the idealised forms of human body where both men and women had 6 packs and muscles, the kind of body we idealise till date. This could probably be one of the sources that set this idealistic body image in the people’s mind. This shows how instances from the past, set mindsets and an image about certain things in all our minds and is still continues to flourish and embark upon the future.

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