TIME/ 21.01.2020/ WEEK 3

In this class we presented the pictures we had clicked in front of the entire class and had a peer as well as a faculty review in order to improve our work. I was suggested by my faculty to edit the pictures since they were too bright.

I asked my faculty if it was still important to adhere to the social norms in order to fit into the society? What I understood was- There are no definite set of social norms at all and following any set of rules is not the best way to fit in because fitting in is not necessary.

The latter half of the class covered an elaborate discussion on the events that took place in the 60’s.The few that I can remember were the Space race, Cuban missile Crisis, Nuclearisation, Sino- Indian war, Soviet Sino split, Civil Rights, etc. The interesting part was that my question was answered through this discussion, by talking about events that took place decades ago.

Discussion on events that took place in the 60s

Reflection: Presenting my work in front of the class made me realise how important it is to know how to explain the concept behind our work well, in order to engage the audience. Initially I just explained my work saying the passage of time can be seen by the flow of waves but after I got this input from my faulty, I enhanced my explanation by describing why I chose to use waves to show the passage of time- I feel that waves is one thing that has no beginning or ending, the sea carries every wave back but always gives it a chance to come back to the shore again, the footstep denotes how human beings too leave a mark, it gets a carried away by the wave until another human being replaces the same footsteps, it is the cycle of life.

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