In this class we discussed our museum visit. We spoke about the different things that we observed at the museum like-

  • Different people- Parsees,hindus,gujaratis
  • Occupations- concept behind teeka: represent hierarchy,every community wears it in a different manner.
  • We also discussed why men wore teekas during early times and not women and leant that it was because men went out to earn for a living while the women stayed back and looked after the home.
  • We discussed other aspects like- transport, economy, military, architecture,geography,culture.

Here are few pictures that I took of the above aspects at the museum-


Further, we were asked to write aspects of a city that we visited, that made it special for us-

I chose Manali as the city. There were three categories-

  1. personal– serene beauty, Maggi+chai
  2. unique– tibetan items (kullu caps, woolen shawls)
  3. cliche– adventurous activities

We were asked to write a description of 150 words:

Manali is a beautiful, high-altitude town, nestled in the glorious laps of the Himalayan mountains. It is also called the resort town of Himachal Pradesh.Set on the Beas river, it is the most visited tourist spot and is considered the gateway of adventurous activities like skiing, rafting, trekking, etc, which is definitely the cliche aspect of this city but I had visited manual with my friends for a trek so it turn out to be a very personal facet of the city for me.Nature is an integral part of my life because witnessing the serene beauty of mountains and glistening river with the sun rising from below and leaving the most beautiful palette of colours in the sky in the evenings is all that it takes to make my day. Watching such a view with a plate a Maggi (which tastes 10 times better at hill stations), is what I define as the personal aspect of manual for me.

We had got a reading assignment- we had to read a chapter on one of the cities from the library and write a review, mentioning the writing style, points that interest you, comment on the writer( is she/he from the same city or not), and how personal us her writing.

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