We were supposed to write a 500 words essay on the element that we had chosen in the last class, keeping in mind the the parameters that were given to us by our faculty-

  • Target audience– who are you designing for
  • When– specific to any event
  • Process– How did it get made
  • Genre

The next step was to write enquiry questions before moving ahead with the essay in order to dig deeper-

  • For example, if the element is table then which table? Need for a new type of table? Types of table? Alternative for a table?
  • Understanding the reasoning behind a decision. For eg, why is white considered a mourning colour and worn at weddings also at the same time?
  • Designer’s questions

Our assignment was to write down 5 enquiry questions based on our essay.

Reflection– This class taught me the importance of listing down questions from the designer’s perspective before writing about it. Also, this was the first time I had researched about an element from my discipline in design context so it made analyse how it is different from the normal research pattern.

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