The class commenced with a discussion on how we interpret, the terms OBJECT and HISTORY.Through the class discussions and faculty inputs I understood that history is an understanding of the past events, stories, mythologies, chronology, OCD, etc. Whereas, Objects are the tools that were a part of those past events and also acted as the turning point of history.

Further, we had an elaborate conversation about the magnificent paintings from Europe, France, Argentina. We also learnt that it is difficult to articulate the meaning of art but it could be defined as a-

  • Natural discovery
  • Record
  • Emotion
  • Medium of Communication
  • Creation

In today’s class I also learnt that visual culture is a-

  • Act of seeing
  • Part of daily lives that use images as means of communication.

IN CLASS ASSIGNMENT- Identify specific tools from the Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Chalcolithic age.

CHALCOLITHIC AGE– Strings, woodwind (flutes), brass (trumpets),etc
  • References used to come up with the above information-

We ended the class with understanding that the word, ‘idea’ could be divided into a behaviour and a norm. It may have several sub-parts but we would be discussing it in terms of planning. This class was a good introductory class since we were briefed about what the class is going to be all about. I learnt the names of the different ages that I was unaware of and the tools too. The most interesting fact that I could retain was that human evolution starting from Europe was just a misconception. It actually started with Africa.


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