This class was about discussing the procedure of starting a start-up. At the beginning of the class, we were divided into groups of four and then given 20 cards which we could arrange in an order that we thought was the most appropriate way to starting a new business. This class answered a lot of doubts about entrepreneurship and management, that I had in my mind.

After brainstorming and changing the arrangement of the cards a number of times, considering the reasoning of each team member, this is what we thought was the best way to plan any business.

After the discussion we realised that there is no correct, prescribed method that a business needs to follow because every business has different expectations and requirements.For example, some companies look for a co-founder and self invest in the business in the initial stages while some think it is better to do it after the completion of a few steps.

This is one of the ways that was shown and explained to us

We also understood the way of creating a product, how a product is not only created by adding materials and combining them together but also just by eliminating things from a product that already exists. When I looked up theses type of products on the net, I learnt that this is also called sustainable designing.

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